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Getting in touch with nature

After more than 3,000 years, in Romanian Plain on the banks of the Arges river happened the most important transformation due to a cataclysm of unknown origins...

Coincidentally or not, the final structure and appearance took place with a considerable layer of ground covering the surroundings. 

Water and earth were intermingled dragging all the creatures and plants into the ground whole forests of oak, cedar, cypress, pine, cherry and other species were covered by a thick layer of silt, around 12m. Nature’s sleep was interrupted by the communist era with its numerous hydro-technical projects

One of these projects started in 1986 generically called Danube-Bucharest and systematization of Arges river bed have to uncover forests that laid under a considerable layer of silt and sediment.

In this period were established numerous stone and sand quarries and randomness makes that in one of these careers during the extraction process of the ballast to expose trees which rested more than 3000 years untamed by nature.  

Driven by curiosity and passion to learn the past of these fabulous trees a young and hearted team from Alfa Centaur with different professions have taken steps forward at different institutions to attest the age and type of the wooden material.

National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering - Horia Hulubei – the age of the trees by dating them with radiocarbon and for calibration of the results.

National Research Institute of Materials Physics Bucharest - performing measurements and archaeological Thermoluminescence dating

Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry – wood species identification

National Agency for Mineral Resources - certificates that the wood can be sold

All this institutions are recognized worldwide to certify the age of the wooden material.

Meet the team

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Technical Engineer

Agronomy Engineer


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Voluntari, Romania


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